Sunday, May 15, 2011

Improving grammar and writing

To begin, after my reflections about these problems, I came to the conclusion that there are three solutions to overcome these small blocks in our path to get to English 100.

      First, practices make the masters this means that I have to do more for myself school is good, but when you do extra your learning increase exponentially. Second, get yourself a review class of summer to brush up grammar and do your homework. Third, ask and ask questions and opinions about you work not only to you teacher but also to your classmates.

     In conclusion, to be successful and get in the level you need to be will be very easy if you follow these three simple steps, however the ultimate result lay in yourself no one else ask yourself this question; how is my attitude? it is very important check it out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Middle East

In the recent even of the Middle East especially in Egypt have happen a revolution against the leader of that Country. Today we are in this new age which information is not longer in the hands of few. Consequently, what happen here is also known there instantaneously. Subsequently, if they see what is happen here is good for the people they will also want to have that is very normal. Freedom always going to be something that every human being will want to and it is not way to stop it sooner or later will end up in revolution. What make matter worse is corruption people who benefit from power and let nothing for the people will be even worse it is not other way but, only go to streets.   

Monday, March 7, 2011


The weather has influence in people in two ways. First, externally when the day is sunny everything is fine and normal. On the other hand, when is raining we get news of accidents and traffic is usually heavy. Second, internally it’s easy to be motivated when the climate is sunny. In contrast, when is foggy or rains is hard, some people like me use song or hear audio book in car to keep you motivated. In brief the climate like or not will affect you in these two ways.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev born on March 2nd, 1931 by 1950 he when to university to
become a lawyer, then he made himself part of the communist party in Russia,
he end up being the general secretary of the party by 1985, which means the
president of Russia then, he implement what is known as perestroika (new
thinking for our country and the world). A change that was need it for Russians
people and the world which no one was able to predict how would happen and
how should be done. On my opinion he is greatest crisis management person
a life. The effects of that change create a new world.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Assigment 2

                   There are different kinds the goals that you can talk about like
 Financial goals, Health goals, religion goals, study goals and community
goals, in this paper I going to talking about exclusive about my study goals.

In the first place, I going to tell you that I finally found my purpose in
life, it is very important step. Because that is where all the strength comes,
 otherwise you will give up in the first set back you have and unfortunately
 You are going to have one or even more. Second, you need have three kinds of
 goals long, intermediate, and short term goals this is how I did my I
hope you learn for my experience and also my mistakes. Third, my long term
goals is to be economist because I have to work I will reach my goal by 2015.
 Intermediate goal I have to have all my credit in the college level by
2013. Next, my short term goal is to finish English level four and math
class for this semester. Then, do not forget there are people who make their
living by helping others like people in the learning center. Finally, do do
not not be worry about obstacle because their job is to increase our level of
self confidence. Think about it what will be life without problems? In
Conclusion, it is not what you going to get in the end, it is what you become
on the way to get it. Enjoy and be ready see the person you going to be after
all you will be in this  life ones.     GOOD LUCK