Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Middle East

In the recent even of the Middle East especially in Egypt have happen a revolution against the leader of that Country. Today we are in this new age which information is not longer in the hands of few. Consequently, what happen here is also known there instantaneously. Subsequently, if they see what is happen here is good for the people they will also want to have that is very normal. Freedom always going to be something that every human being will want to and it is not way to stop it sooner or later will end up in revolution. What make matter worse is corruption people who benefit from power and let nothing for the people will be even worse it is not other way but, only go to streets.   

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  1. Yes, Raul, we are in a strong period of change. I'm glad you strongly embrace the desires for freedom that we all have. Hopefully people will also stay strong and watch that the changes they seek are completed and not subverted.